so… i’ve got a lot of irons in the fire.

  • working working working
  • begin training for both the VB RnR 1/2  and WDW 1/2 marathons – later this year
  • recording podcast segments for MGW!
  • rowing!race52.jpg
  • learning all about injectables for a possible business venture
  • trying to get this space up and running as well as other projects of that nature

 …and then there’s the whole personal life thing. ahhhh so much work to do so little time, right? i had a profile on (you can figure out that link yourself!!), but i had to get that off there. i am just no good at the “set up”, blind date kind of deals. if you have a chemistry on line, or over the phone, it is just way to easy to chat and talk and develop a certain kind of intimacy before you’ve even met face to face. usually i have this odd feeling of relief if i meet someone and they are – let’s say, less than?? the profile suggested, in whatever way, then i relax and become – at least momentarily- fabulous! i seem to do a lot of nice guys liking me and me not handling it directly enough because i don’t want to be mean….  you’d think after like 25 years of dating i just might have this one figured out by now.

 and on the 1/2 marathon training tip, i did my first “long” walk/jog/crawl saturday. i haven’t ever been a regular runner, but i have tried to train for a couple of 5ks and once, a sincerely misguided “turkey trot” 10k – it was literally 10 degrees, though sunny, in beautiful valparaiso, indiana and i pretty much ran the whole thing all by myself – however i swear to sweet baby jesus that i passed people and there were people behind me. suddenly, when the end of the race was in sight, some 8 year old went all rosie ruiz on my ass and whizzed pass me at the last minute. i came in second from last. this time i will take no prisoners.


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