what’s the matter, lisa? not so fresh?

ok, i will just say it. i am on the rag. i do not feel fantastic – not that those two things have to be related – but i’m just sayin’… 

work is driving me mad as we are in the midst of changing the way we chart, the machines we use, how we “clock in” to work, the way we can and cannot set up for following cases and can or cannot prepare for emergencies/codes/traumas/babies that pop out at untoward moments… 

also, it is literally 100′ outside (which i actually like – every day of heat and humidity is a day with a zero % chance of SNOW), but i feel like a fat, greasy…. i don’t know what – gumball was coming to mind for some kind of alliterative reason i guess, but that makes little sense.  mostly it is just that, when frustrated, despite having witnessed again and again the futility of such actions over the past 40 years, i pretty much just want to eat stuff and/or drink a bottle of wine… well, those things can be enjoyable when done correctly and in the proper mood, a mood that i am not in….

also, on the “it’s all about me today and i am a whiney girl” tip, i would like to go walking around today with a boy, but sadly, it would be an imaginary boy, as, at this exact moment, i am not seeing anyone. all the more reason i should put on cute items, wash my face and rush outside to frolic and entice the male gender, you might think…

but no!!! i am a greasy gumdrop today (i did mention that before, right?)!!

and no, there are no greasy gumdrop photos to display.

harrumph, as my poppa would say.


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