a few degrees of silent bob

so a bit ago i had written about kevin smith and his podcast with pal scott mozier, smodcast. today, i’m listening to the 11/23 episode, and whaddya know – disney!

right from the get go, kev and scott are off on their usual fairly vulgar albeit funny rant about god knows whatever gets them started. the fun part is when mr. smith brings up the upcoming DL “small world” refurb and sites not just the wired article (tried to find an exact link..) he read it in, but mentions that wired sites miceage! i just thought – cool! i dunno, neat! 

anyways there follows a solid near 20+ of profanity laced yet very funny discussion of being fat and riding small world in disneyland – seems mr. smith thought he was getting his own boat ’cause the CM recognized “silent bob“. at about 24 minutes, it takes a turn towards internet home-made porn discussion that may become even too much for those who aren’t offended by the first 24 minutes… and a lot of expectoration (kevin needs some “airborne” i think). i however, laughed out loud!

and he still says “what not” quite a bit.


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