a christmas party

2007_12150022.jpgthe weather outside was frightful – ok, meghan, it was rainy and 45 degrees, but still – so i did NOT make it to miss stacy’s graduation fest over in chesapeake. the only downer to a nice evening. i only chair danced as the line dancing train left me in the station a loooooooong looooong time ago.


2007 12150024

2007 12150026

2007 12150036

2007 12150030

2007 12150028

2007 12150029

2007 12150035


side note: i do have at least one OR crush – one of the parties hosts 😉 – who is married so my love, like most of my love, remains unrequited – anyway, lots of folks there, lots of fun, the rowing club has a holiday shindig this year which i want to hit, so i am feeling happy and fabulous and festive still! BUT, the other downer of the evening was that the gentlemen friend i had a budding little thing with essentially sent all the signals that – after one date – i am “the booty call girl*”. great. i mean, whatever, thats probably fine with me too, but just how did i get over in that column so dang quick? i’m going to keep myself from spewing out in that direction at the moment, by the end of that day i may have posted a rant about dating (again), but writing it out seems so self-indulgent and self-pitying, then i come around to well no wonder noone would wanna date me in day light hours because i am a) annoying and b) insane and c) <insert self-deprecating insult here>.

so! back to christmas!!!

2007 12150037

*that’s booty-call <space> girl NOT booty <space> call girl. just want to be clear. niether of those bu-t-ts are mine in case you are wondering.



  1. talkingtoair

    Dear girl! You look beautiful, btw.

  2. sambycat

    thanks! it was really good until the pointsettia flower i stuck onto the side of my head started…to…die…..

    note to self: plastics!

  3. Aww, it’s Christmas barbie, err….lisa!

  4. fishyrocketboy

    >> then i come around to well no wonder noone would wanna date me in day light hours because i am a) annoying and b) insane and c) .<<

    okay – so we all know that b) is certainly true of you… but the only more insane person would be the man unwilling to date you in daylight or at any other time of day… 😉

    – Andy

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