rats! i just figured out what i want for xmas…


my wonder pet plushies!!!



  1. $154.95?! Are they filled with gold?

  2. Carolyn

    I like turtles!

  3. sambycat

    holy mackerel! last night this link said 15.49!!! THIS IS SEWIOUS!!!!!

  4. Rae

    Hey there!!!!! We will be up there early Saturday morning and I am going to try to find Bryan and everyone before the race starts if not I will be at the castle waiting to get pictures of everyone coming through the castle.Then at the finish line in Epcot. We will be going to dinner wit Byran too.{ byran and I have also planed a surprise for my Eric birthday} 🙂 We will see you there somewhere. Rae

    Team Voice Many Goals One Voice!!

  5. No, not filled with gold. But I tell you each it’s what the market will bare. Tuck and Ming Ming is $35-39 each, whereas Linny is $79.99 so it looks to be a bargain if this is what you are after. Here’s a beanie baby that it looks like someone is just selling themselves.

    To be fair they are the 12 inch ones which I’m told are hard to find. I just love the songs!

  6. sambycat

    sigh! me too! it’s a love bordering on obsession… the phone! the phone is ringing!…

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