monday monday

loldogs, cute puppy pictures, crankiness, I Has a Hotdog
i work my second job today, its nice outside, i just walked my dog. i am going to go get on the treadmill. after my attempt at running a half-marathon this january (i finished, i didn’t barely run!), i feel i want to redeem myself in that i want to run one. i also have an ongoing fantasy of completing a tri-athalon (NOT the ironman variety). sidenote – do i have to get a new bike or can i ride my own:

Pee-Wee 1

(her name is pee-wee 1)

anyway, in my california heart, its springtime! and there are some cherry (or is it apple?) blossoms on the trees across the street from my apartment where i walk my dog. nice!



  1. I has crankiness too! It seems to be endemic to New England this morning.

    Though I must say the Giants played some total kick-ass football, so at least I feel like we were beat fair and square.

  2. Bob

    Love the bike. I used to have one just like it, without the girly parts that is. Ok, I don’t know how this works… we started talking once before (a long time ago), but I’d really like to talk (write) to you… we have an amazing amount in common, really… wierd, I know… starting with Disney and moving to indie cartoons and then… write me.


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