i have a valentine!

i got flowers too!!!! look————–>

2008 02140012

yes, it is true, mamie and poppa strike again!!!! it’s so funny – every year, for about the last 10, my grandparents send me flowers on valentine’s day. every year, there is a moment – whether or not i have had a boyfriend or what have you – that i think “wow! someone sent me flowers!!” – and then wah wah wahhhhhhhhh…. from the grandparents! it’s funny, because it is definitely a wonderful thing, so sweet but there is always just a tiny moment where i have this hope that somebody sent me flowers (and i mean sent them to me, not my dog (sorry brian! ;)!! ). also funny is how there names get interpreted on the cards from time to time, one year i had to seriously question my poppa about who the heck “mimi” was – i thought maybe he’d picked up a little french croissant on the side…. in any event, how lucky am i to have such wonderful grandparents and be so close to them!! and i know someday someone of the opposite sex – to whom i am not related – will send me flowers too (note: roses of any color, stargazer lilies and peonies)

also, today seems like a new chapter! i’ve been quite sick this last week, actually, counting today, i have missed 3 days of work. it’s been like the flu/cold bug, but it also went straight into my ear giving me a very unpleasant ear ache. so i got on antibiotics right away, but was feeling pretty crappy up until today. my ear actually is STILL hurting – despite the fact that i finally harassed PATIENT FIRST LAST into giving me pain meds for my danged ear, but i actually feel some energy this morning and just walked mags to the starbucks. of course, even through my sickness i did go get my roots bleached out last evening with the wonderful stacy – she is helping me channel my inner marilyn – or as she always says when we are all done – “look! tinkerbell is back!”


(extremely fuzzy pic from the camera phone, but you get the gist)

in any event, today is feeling like a new day, like spring has sprung. i’ve got a lot of not so fun stuff going on – work, taxes, money stuff in general, health issues – stuff that has been brewing for a while, but i’m feeling optimistic at the moment. either the tide is turning or all that cough medicine is kicking in.



  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. talkingtoair

    I feel spring is coming, too. Hopefully it will be a good year. I’m thinking Vegas in July. Interested?

  3. So glad to hear you’re on the mend. 🙂

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