grand opening!


so, for about a year, i have been training and doing work at Mahalo Medspa, in norfolk, virginia. this weekend, the owner and her new partner opened a wonderful site in williamsburg, virginia. here are some great pics of the new site!!

2008 02160001

2008 02160042

2008 02160027

2008 02160024

2008 02160029

2008 02160031

2008 02160014

2008 02160016

           2008 02160010                                                2008 02160017

2008 02160057


2008 02160074




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  1. Hello Lisa,

    I am the webmaster of Mahalo Med Spa. I found your site because it shows up in the website traffic logs. =) It’s cool that you link to the site. =P I just wanted to say that the new Williamsburg store looks fantastic!!! I haven’t seen it yet, but I can tell just by looking at the pictures that it’s going to be great! I’m currently building out the new site for the Williamsburg store. Seeing those pictures makes me excited to be working on this project with Dana.


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