don’t page me, bro

i’m on call again. at home. only 18 more hours left of call!! woo woo! i’m lazing back on the couch bed, streaming “a prairie home companion” over the internets, and perusing the internet whilst crazy maggie is intently waiting for someone anywhere to make a noise so she can bark spastically. 

it’s a little gray and kind of chilly outside. side note: how can the weather site at the lower right corner of my msn homepage (yeah, keep yer comments to yourself) state: virginia beach- current temperature: 45, high/low: 58/56. cannot they see that this doesn’t make sense? it irritates me. – in any event, on call days like this i just kind of lie low, i will lay around a while, take mags out again, then do some cleaning projects around the house. i am planning both bathrooms (they are small) and scrubbing down the kitchen tile )also small area).

i want to get back on a better eating program and am perusing recipes towards that end. i know i have whined alot about wanting to lose weight, but really in my head at least, i want the goal of eating healthfully. ideally, i would like to be vegetarian, perhaps vegan, i personally love the taste of meat however but i have problems with the industrial complex that is meat production. i don’t have a problem per se with the fact that is the food chain and that some animals eat meat. it’s just that the whole thing is so wasteful, cruel and disrespectful. although, what do i personally do, really, in my life to stand against all the facets of society that are like that? i mean, i shop at walmart from time to time. is target really better? i don’t know.

i feel like maybe the spring really is brewing because there is a stirring for me inside. a tiny hint of light to motivate me towards some of the personal goals i harbor. getting finances in order – really sticking to a budget is what i need and i just don’t do it and then about every two years i spiral into a little debt whole of panic and it’s just stupid. i see more personal growth, relationships (i hope!!!), working with miss maggie, exercising, lots of good stuff.

as long as they don’t page me, bro.


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