what phone should i get?

this one or this one?



  1. Bob

    Having worked with both I definitely say you should go with the LG Voyager. Its a little more expensive, but very cool to use and a lot of fun. Much easier than the blackberry. Good luck. Let us know what you pick.

  2. Ooh, too tempting. I would love to have something like that to play with but then I’d never get any work done! I know nothing about either, so I’d say listen to the above expert, I’d be more likely to say “ooh, get the pretty one!” and that’s never a good way to purchase new technology.

  3. I looked at both and ended up with the Pearl. It’s a bit of a pain to try to get anything like full functionality out of it . . . I use it as an MP3 player now so I don’t have to carry a separate iPod, but didn’t manage to converge my Palm Pilot as planned, as the interfaces (both on the device and the desktop) are clunky. But I love the form factor, it takes a 6GB SDHC card just fine, and I’ve only begun to explore the third-party apps.

  4. oooh…

    The LG looks a lot sexier. Sorta like an Iphone. It does look clunkier, though.

    Big help I am…

  5. sambycat

    well, we all need a sexy but clunky phone… jennifer is tilting me toward the tiny – but pink! – blackberry pearl.. the buttons are small, but it would do more than a regular phone. and i think it’s like $150 cheaper…

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