pinkberry is the new smart phone

telus blackberry pearl 8130 pink

so, mostly because my bff said she already has it, i bought this phone today! good bye to my giant, clunky, ridiculous pocket pc. at the very least, this can just be a basic phone that has a few more bells and whistles and at best, maybe hold some or all (if i buy an additional microcard) of the actual work related stuff i’d like to have available.

i know that there are learning curves with any electronic device, but i must say, i’ve never had an actual blackberry before and already i’m sort of going “huh?”

i’ve got 30 days to shange my mind…. wish me luck, i’m goin’ in!


  1. Yay, congratulations!

    I bought a 6GB SDHC card, and my Pearl can see 5.6GB of it, which is more than my iPod mini used to hold so I’m happy. I use the built-in MP3 player, and haven’t been particularly impressed by any of the third-party media players so far (I’ve tried Flipside and xPlayer).

    I love the cute little pink phone! I have a silver phone, and got a pink silicon shell for it. I also love that it’s got a place to attach phone charms. 🙂


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