ok, so she stole it from lauren and i borrowz it from meghan…

tag! you are it (thanks meggie!):

If I were a doll, the accessories packaged with me would be: michael kors bag, ipod, starboard oar and a mac 3 blade

I have an irrational fear of: dr. scopa (scopaphobia)

What type of food do you eat at your grandparents house?: anything without cat hair on it – ok this is an evil gut reaction. i love my grammies fresh delicious cooking!

What would you do if you were stranded on an island with the person you hate most?: kill and eat them

I find the thought of childbirth: bittersweet – something i probably will never experience – however i have heard jesus is coming back.

Next to my house is/are: virginia’s own “downtown disney”

My preferred style of jeans are: i ❤ levis 501’s

Do you know how to cook: with gas

I am annoyed with: republicans everywhere

What is the worst way you were dumped?: any version of “he never called me back” (after more than 3 dates)

What child-related smell do you most hate?: my grandma pearls bathroom. i will not describe

What sea creature scares you?: nessie. i guess she is technically a lake creature

What color hair do most of the people around you have?: black. thats maggie

What object have you broken most recently?: i don’t break my cell phones, although they have all been weird lately. let’s say… hearts?

What was the last thing to make you cry?: freaky animal stories

What are the stems on wine glasses for?: grabbing. with both hands

My favorite shoes are: expensive and high. like my men, heh

Can you use chopsticks?: yes. skillz – i has them

Do you prefer beaches or forests?: the beach, biotch

Who knows a secret or two about you?: many many folks

Have you ever burned yourself?: literally or figuratively

Who is/are your hero[s]?: did i ever tell you YOU are my hero?

Where is your sister right now?: i don’t know. if you know please tell me cause i don’t have a sister…

Do you believe in things that last forever?: diamonds and real estate

Does anyone regularly tell you they love you?: yes! thanks mamie!

What is confusing to you?: my work schedule/vacation schedule

Do you have any bad habits?: yes

Have you ever wanted to be a teacher?: mmmmm…. not so much

What is one thing you’ve learned about life?: everybody dies

Have you ever been stuck in an elevator?: no

What does your dad call you?: he’s dead. sooo not calling me nothing now…… BUT i was called frieda frump prior to my birth

What are you looking forward to?: the next 3 days off


1 Comment

  1. No prob, bob. And I’m your hero?! Awesome!

    Here’s to the next few days off. May they be filled with yoga pants and relaxation.

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