it was an ok day

2008_03030049.jpgexcept for the part where i made an error in my schedule and apparently i was supposed to be at mahalo today, remedy-ing botox emergencies, it was a good day. i got some rest, and i am in bed right now just doodling around on the computer a little bit as i get ready for a long long work day tomorrow.

folded some laundry, emptied the dishwasher, ran some errands. think i FINALLY got epocrates loaded on the new phone. updated my blog roll on both sites. checked out many cool things on the internets. called the local public radio station to at least leave a message to indicate that there isn’t a lisa farry and a beth farry at this address, just one farry. sorry.

sitting here with my pup, thinking about spring. oooo- that just got a big puppy sigh from my little magpie! we walked today and i tried to take some pics of spring around these here parts…

2008_03030030.jpg         2008_03030033.jpg2008_03030041.jpg



  1. Hey Lisa!

    Thanks for the shoutout and blogroll add! Hope to meet you at MagicMeets! Got my tix last night!


  2. Carolyn

    OMG, you have daffodils! We can’t even see the lawn yet.

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