it’s 20 to 1

it’s late. i’m tired. i been at work all day (16 hours) and yet i still sit in this weird limbo space of being so tired and yet unable to sleep. sigh. so i’m surfing a little bit and listening to podcasts (“podcasting”).

tomorrow i am off all day. hope the weather is somewhat nice. i’ve got so much to do. tons of stuff and just no time and not alot of motivation to get stuff accomplished. yuck. sigh. i hope i get off my ass long enough to run, to take mags on some good walks and maybe get a pedicure.

sigh. going to try and sleep now… and wish i had a big glass of wine. and maybe a cupcake. mmmmmmmm.


  1. cupcakes…drool…Most people don’t appreciate a good cupcake.

  2. sambycat

    you are preachin’ to the choir sister! i have 3 magnolia bakery/magnolia bakery partner cookbooks – THREE!!!!! OMG- so yummy! the next time i make the delicious cupcakes (i think there is like a pound of butter in the frosting recipe), i’ll blog it!!

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