i <3 jet noise

drivingso in like 4 hours i may have kicked my SAD – i officially have spring fever. it is 78 degrees outside (though windy as hell) and after an afternoon of running errands coupled with blasting car stereo and — LOOK UP!!!


JET NOISE BABY!! (ok – my actual pictures all came out lookin’ like specs and this one isn’t actually looking UP, more like looking OVER, but i digress). so immediately i am having flashbacks to warm october weekends in san francisco – some kind person was thoughtful enough to make fleet week the weekend nearest my birthday! awwwwwww – talk about a nice present!! 😉

and then i’m thinkin’ of last year and how me and my friend kelly met some very nice navy boys down at keagan’s around the corner from here on st. patty’s (my pick up line for the night: “i have a shiny coat” – and i did- a silver raincoat that looks like i am trying to protect myself from oncoming traffic or messages from outer space). sadly, chris was…. ug… TWENTY THREE YEARS OLD (refer to previous post). alas, our love was not meant to be, but you know what they say…. if you can’t be with the one you love…

and i am thinking about the fourth of july i spent in boston when my step dad lived in the back bay and, as we all partied and ate and visited, there was, in the humid boston afternoon, a rumbling…. it was kind of scary actually, and everyone ran up to the roof and we saw this:


it was the MOST FUCKING (sorry) AWESOME thing ever!!!!! and this is from a peace loving pacifistic liberal. damn! it was cool – like darth vader was flying in! it was actually scary in it’s awesomeness. however, while i am here i might mention that my all time favorite plane would be this one.

also, then i realized that my tinkerbell tattoo is one year old – she needs more stuff to finish and suddenly this weekend, i get a call from tattoo boy (NOT 23, thank you). so i guess spring fever is in the air. 🙂

so i got to drive fast all around and listen to some cool songs! these all came up on my xm radio today:

  • foo fighters/learn to fly
  • cornershop/brimful of asha
  • ac/dc /rock and roll ain’t noise pollution
  • white stripes/you don’t know what love is
  • donavon frankenreiter/move by yourself
  • u2/elevation

i went to the hand doctor finally for my test results. surprise – mysterious! so some kind of PT is upcoming and these ridiculous topical patches that i am supposed to apply to each wrist (one lidocaine, one voltaren) that “should” help. but i have to wear them continuously and a) white squares on the insides of your wrists make you look like a suicide attemptee and b) they don’t freakin’ stick. the jury is out.

also- got into my skinny jeans today. huzzah! first time since like pre-christmas. in the words of ice cube: i’d have to say it was a good day.

*my hair looks like a fuzzy freakin’ chicken

UPDATE: my horoscope per the portfolio

british pop star kate marsh sent a message in a song to a guy she had a crush on. “i wish you knew when i said 2 sugars, i meant 3.” in other words, her idea of a soulmate is someone who reads her mind and knows what she needs even if she isn’t clear about what she needs. this is the opposite of the way you should proceed in the coming weeks, libra. don’t assume the the people whose love you crave are telepathic geniuses with a perfect understanding of every nuance. spell it out.”

 um. i think i need a dictionary.

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  1. talkingtoair

    “hand doctor” sounds dirty. You rock. Why can’t you live closer to me?? I wuv woo.

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