full moon

got home from work – very long day, feeling draggy and tired as hell. please – to anyone reading this – please don’t smoke 84 packs of cigarettes a day! if i could legally have taped the last 2 patients of the day and their stunning wake ups, i would. when the smell of cigarettes oozes from every pore and the depths of someones lungs….. ugh!!!!


ok, circle back now. so i am driving home and its a full moon. very lovely. it always makes me think of my mom because she sang the “i see the moon” song. so as i was walking the magnet, i thought i might do a quick post – maybe even find the song. i found this on youtube:

chris rice, i am assuming, is a christian singer? i liked this version of the little song, it reminded me of my mom and how much i miss her sometimes….


good night, moon.


UPDATE: on repeated viewings, i will say this guy has a sort of james taylor-y thing going on, but what is with the arrhythmic dancing? also, i do enjoy the nodding “children of the corn”-like audience members (“malachai!”) and the CPA cum bongo player in the background? like him!

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