it’s just a real blah day

for a million reasons and absolutely no reason at all. its grey and cold, i have to work a long day and little mags will be at home ALL ALONE!! waaahhhhh


nothing to say except i was a lot happier last week with some sun shining. i feel everything has gone to black.



  1. When I am sad, panda babies sometimes can make me smile.

    Or for some reason, sometimes Code Monkey cheers me up, especially if I’m stressed out about work. After all, who doesn’t like Tab?

  2. sambycat

    Me want to go home eat a coffee cake, take bath take nap.

  3. Fishy RocketBoy

    come on down to florida – it’s sunny here!

  4. sambycat

    What – and leave all this behind!! Actually, some french fries @ lunch and some good news changed my head! And only 2 more hours to go!

  5. Fishy RocketBoy

    okay – what good news?

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