you’ve come a long way, baby -or – bear left, blog right

a very merry birthday (ish) to (give or take a couple days)!

and what auspicious beginnings they were, with insights like this and this (actually you have to scroll down to see the two untitled posts that i can’t even now link to because they are untitled!!!!!) and who can forget this!

lessons learned:

  • weird friends (thank you matthew) can skew your blog stats by replying with odd pics from the interwebs – but you don’t want to comment on it TOO much or you reinforce those searching (apparently quite frequently) for the. biggest. zit. ever. (PS people- i am prone to hyperbole)
  • blog stats are weird and highly addictive. i want to see the actual addys of people who click on me… but then the people I click on could SEE mine. they can’t, can they??
  • its exciting when people link to you or actually come up to you and can recite the vagaries of your menstrual cycle back to you (hi andy!)
  • probably self-titling your blog is not the best way to go, given the things you sometimes want to rant about.
  • honing your topics is advised by many web experts and i have sort of done this by having a second (!) blogsite to deal with my disney on-line life.
  • the things you think people will die over and make 4,005,876 comments on are not the things they comment on (see first bullet up above)
  • i get googled a fair amount and lots of people are apparently searching for “pics” of samantha brown..
  • nablopomo was fun but also chest pain inducing

some of my favorite posts:

for the future?  well, i will continue my on line journal as long as it interests me. mostly i will be so very grateful for the many many friends i’ve met through this activity – you know who you are!! – friends that have given me much to laugh about and think over and have been there for me when i have felt a little (or a lot) down… i am always getting ideas  these huge posts i want to be doing, but my code knowledge and frustration level have not moved in the direction of the inverse ratio i had hoped. i am still finding it MUCH easier to try and write and do pictures in blogdesk, then upload and finish in wordpress, though i bet – no i know – wordpress could be doing a ton for me i don’t even know how to do.

 also a big shout out to my blog inspirations:

  • bff jennifer – thank you for everything
  • airdrie– both at talking to air and with KA over @ L&L – you are an inspiration
  • there are multitudes of you out there that i love to read everyday (have to make sure my blogroll is absolutely up to date) but the creativity of all y’all out there is something that inspires me and makes me laugh and smile every day!

that i have made actual friends out of all this is more icing on a wonderful cake than even a frosting lover like me can imagine. thanks everybody so much for the support and internet love! looking very much forward to another year of fun, weird and personal postings. and no zits. or anal leakage. cause that is gross.


  1. happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, hhhhhhhhhhhhhapppppyyyyy anniversary!

  2. Fishy RocketBoy

    happy blog-birthday!

    – Andy “I’m not a gynecologist, but I play one on the internet”

  3. Yay! 🙂

  4. Air

    Congratulations! I hope to read more and more. . .

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