as visual carrots in today’s pop culture stew, i feel that the catch phrases contained herein best, at certain moments of my day, be they to express or relieve frustrations of myself or others, allow me to regain the upper hand if you will in any social situation. no frightened patient, icy surgeon, road raged filled driver, interrogating mother-in-law nor sad eyed friend, hot boy at a bar or even our brothers in the animal kingdom can resist the call if  “wizard!!!!!”.  only as a back up do i use “ask me about my wiener (with hand motions of course, they are key} – the power contained therewith is awesome.

try it yourself today!


UPDATE: a visual carrot? i don’t even know what that is supposed to mean.


  1. Andy

    tried that weiner line a million times… never works….

  2. sambycat

    people ask me about mine all the time!

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