a really weird thing

ok, i just got off work – ANOTHER freaky a$$ busy night – and at home i have this voice message. from someone named “amin” – sounds like a bill collector – looking to speak to relatives of a certain (and he NAMED the names) of an ex-boyfriend and his brother. FROM ALMOST 20 YEARS AGO.

OMG – AM I THAT OLD???????????


sadly, yes. i was dating “X” before i turned 21. omg, i was SOOOOOOOOO in love with him. he was a good guy, some substance abuse issues. but the straw that broke the camel’s back was when he brought home a scorpion as a pet. yes, you read that correctly. a scorpion. with the stinger thingy on its tail? it was too much like a spider. i freaked. – SIDE NOTE: HIS BROTHER HAD A PYTHON. BURMESE. NAMED INGRID. THAT HAD TO EAT LIVE CREATURES. THAT THE “BOYS” WOULD CHEER ON AND WATCH. WHICH I THOUGHT SICK. anywho, ya. i said “if i see that thing i will uncontrollably throw my shoe at it” so he put it (in the enclosure) in the storage shed and it died. i did not wish a creature to die.


so i am wondering – what on earth is “mr. x” defaulting on that i would get a call for???


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  1. talkingtoair

    — and what a nerve calling you! how did they get your name? the mind wonders.

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