saturday afternoon

tomorrow i begin another 24 hour call stretch. i am sure i have blogged it before, and if you know me, you’ve heard me bitch about it, but i HATE call! in all the years i have been a nurse or a nurse anesthetist, i have just never gotten the hang of it. some folks just go about their business and don’t give it a second thought. i spend my time calculating and recalculating the hours left, the permutations of what would cause my pager to go off, the distance i can walk maggie and still turn around and be back in the car to be at the hospital in 20 minutes.

and i flip flop on what is worse – in house or call from home. generally from home is better, i would agree, especially for a long period. but, at my old job, we actually had a pretty tricked out call room for OB, and – key for me and my lack of sleeping abilities – it had no windows so it was super dark if you turned the lights off. it also had an attached bathroom with a huge shower, so you felt like a human in the morning.

so tomorrow i will be tapping my toes and flopping about at home. i plan to get a run in and do housework. i also have several movies and a couple tivo’d TV shows to catch up on (helllloooooooo samantha brown!!!). oh ya, and i have to finish my taxes. yeah, should probably get on that.  actually all i have to do is print it and write a freaking check for the first time in YEARS, but what the hey – i am grateful i “have” enough or the job or whatever to be in the tax bracket i’m in.

right now i am taking an afternoon break as a storm brews up outside. i need to get in at least one more good walk with the magpie – which i will do forthwith – but i succumbed to an afternoon nap after a busy day yesterday and getting up early to go rowing.

and it was a good row – praise sweet baby jesus! it was windy as i don’t know what, so that makes it challenging, but after my last experience, it was quite satisfying to be out there pulling hard and feeling strong. we did a fair amount of mileage and sprint work. did i mention in the wind? extremely choppy. sometimes you can’t get your oar out of the water or it takes the wind when you are rocking over to the catch and you can feel it get away from you. it was good.

i am having the most vivid dreams lately too. some nightmares, although my nightmares are usually sad dreams where i wake up crying, not really like scary monster dreams. except, i guess, as a grown up, what’s going to be scary anyway are probably more true life possibilities or whatever. i don’t fear boogey men under my bed so much anymore. the dreams have been from the sad to just vivid and weird. or maybe it’s just that i have been remembering them more. not sure why. probably just stress. i’ve got two weeks off coming up and i still can’t decide what to do. but i need some stress relief! on a budget though, given the aforementioned tax checks i’m writing monday. i wanted to have a party for derby day. now that just seems dumb and too much work, but i still have the reservation, so i need to decide and give that up if i am not doing it. i am toying with driving a big giant circle and visiting some good friends up north, than over to my old stomping grounds in indiana and back home. or maybe i should just go to the beach every day and get a couple more massages.

———-> i think i hear thunder.


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  1. I came across your blog on Technorati. Nice site layout. I will stop by and read more soon.

    Mike Harmon

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