maggie’s leg

yeah, somethings not quite right with the magsters leg i think. she sort of favors the right side, not limping, but not quite right. she has gotten up moved around and then tried to snap at me when i decided to pick her up this morning. yes, i love my dog. sigh. i have to work for part of the day so i am still just going to wait and watch. the next time she gets up, i may scoop her over to the pet smart vet across the street. i also know there is a very good 24 hour emergency place not far from here either so i hope i am doing ok to watch and get her to rest and stuff for right now.*

i did go in to work last night, but it wasn’t bad. besides, mo money! mo money! i guess that is what i am supposed to say, right?

there is a lot of stuff going on inside me right now. questions, my usual spring “what is the meaning of life??” type deal. a friend and i are out of our fledgling nest and wanting to continue in podcasting and i know we will, but i am trying to figure out how i can get all that stuff i am seeing in articles and online sites on my computer – honestly, can it be THAT complicated????? as is the usual, i am in the midst of, well, i guess it is former dates or whatever, seeming to rediscover my phone number and a fair number of hang ups. probably not related but still. yeah, it’s never the person you THINK you want to call you, right, but like 6 months ago, you were dying over why isn’t that boy calling me??!! but i guess i am generally more positive this morning, looking forward to that vacation in two weeks. and more massages. i think i need to start a massage fund. maybe on ebay or a tip jar? or not. so i guess i just keep swimming. and try and have faith in myself, my true friends, my family and what else this universe has in store for me. and maggies leg. amen.


and so i got spell check back and the video posting retardness and now i can’t post pics unless i do it from blogdesk. ARG!!!!!!!!!

* ok. we went for a walk and she wanted to walk more. she weight bears (that cannot be spelled correctly but bare doesn’t seem right either). she doesn’t limp but it still seems like the right hind leg will get to trembling a little bit. another dog came out of the elevator as we were waiting to go back up and she kinda sat down and let me pick her up and bring her up stairs. so she is 50% better than yesterday. obviously she has hurt or twisted something. i will continue to watch.


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  1. Poor little Mags! I hope she’s feeling better soon.

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