and doggone it! people like me!!


so last thursday was really a hit/miss kind of day. the PT appt? the relief and answers i have been pursuing since, oh, i don’t know, last august? well, guess what? there are apparently like 18 related hand centers under the same hospital name and i magically went to the wrong one, not knowing there was more that one. huzzah! so, no appointment. fine. i’m kind of done with that whole tangent anyway. i am continuing the naprosyn, mostly because i STILL have this freaky crick in my neck, but i am going to minimize use of my extremeties (hands? i don’t need no stinking hands!!) as i can, do some PT i am finding on the internets and go back to my PCP if need be.

so i missed that one, decided to go to the library instead and checked out a bunch of good books about website building and holistic doggy health. side note of a book related nature, i finally cracked open the “eat pray love” that every woman over 27 is carrying around after seeing the author on oprah last fall and it isn’t bad. very readable. perfect for later today when i plan to lie on the terrace with a cocktail and reading materials.

did go meet the therapist that was aforementioned. i made a return appt., unsure how well there will be a click, but i definitely “know” that “here i sit in therapy” feeling – which i like – and i was feeling it. first meetings, as in any situation, can be so awkward, especially in this type of situation as you are trying to feel each other out and yet probably wanting to barf up every time your mom dressed you funny and have the therapist go “that’s terrible! you poor poor righteous misunderstood individual!”. note – this RARELY happens. also, the neighborhood in which this persons office is reminds me deeply in my protoplasm of mill valley, california – my home sweet home.

work was so long last night that i wanted to gouge out my very eyes. it had a few exciting moments however. let’s just say that it’s all fun and games until your ligated femoral artery pops open. then fun and excitement ensues! i am working today for part of the day at the beauty job and again monday. it’s exciting that i am getting the repeat clients and that people like me (they really like me). i may finally strt making a little $$ too!

one more week to go then wahoo! i still have that dang derby day blocked off and i haven’t done a damn thing about it. anybody wanna come over? i need to get on that this weekend. i can whip some good down home vittles up pretty easy (no burgoo though). i’ve also got folks from california to boston to DC to indiana and kentucky inviting me to come out and visit. i want to – my concern right now is crazy maggie – i need to get her a follow up vet appt. and there is NO WAY she can jump up and down out of my car and we are trying to work on manners at home right now. i think i can make one shorter trip so i will have to work on that. and there could pop up an airfare that could be a deal or something and just let my poppa come pick me up! then again – the weather is suddenly fantastic – and did you know??? I LIVE BY THE OCEAN. YES THE OCEAN. oh ya and that guy who rubs me. mmmmmmmmmm….. lets see: car ride/grandparents/gas prices V. ocean/sunshine/day after day of full body massage from beautiful yet professional man.  oh yeah i miss my grandparents but…..

hey listen – any pals i know wanna come visit? i got an extra, somewhat dog scented, guest room – you get your own bath too! come help me organize my closets and work on my html/music mixing capabilities. also you could probably get in with john “magic fingers” the masseur across the street! and probably watch a lot of law & order, SVU! and wonder pets! and answer my phone to find out who keeps calling me – i know it isn’t anyone i WANT to be calling (cause they would definitely leave messages!!!!!!).

 alright i should probably get up – didn’t get home till after midnight last night – beautiful full moon, no?


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