i am the biggest dork who ever lived

ok. i was at breakfast with a friend, waiting for a table. went to use the restroom. returning to our waiting space, out of the corner of my eye, i spied a certain scary person i had gone on a couple dates with eons ago. as i am saying to my friend “DO NOT look over there”, over walks said scary individual, who until then i wasn’t 100% sure it was him and i swear to god he and his buddy said “hey” – i thought he said “hey lisa” i turned and said “hey, i know you” – AND STUCK OUT MY HAND. like an idiot. which he sort of half shook as he said to the group of people coming in the door “hey! you all are here!”

omg – i am so retarded! i said to my buddy, was he saying hi to me? my pal says “i don’t think so.”

omg! i am so dorky! and of course i am post row and looking fannnnnnn-tastic! he looks like he’s put on a little weight though. ha. but he’s still cute! oh well – that was humiliating!

UPDATE: apparently my crazy this week is coming on like a big old Kaiser roll of crazy! With sesame seeds on it. Toasted. When I do one dorky thing, I seem compelled to follow it with three others!!


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  1. Air

    My week would not be complete without a humiliating event. I hate it. What’s wrong with me! I would blog about mine, but usually it involves people who read my blog, or at least people I *hope* read my blog. And on it goes. Life.

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