every day in every way, maggie’s getting better and better


although she doesn’t look happy (my dog doesn’t photograph “happy”), she feels like her old self. still on her meds, still keeping her off (as best i can) furniture and no stairs.  repreat appt. in a week. she doesn’t get why i will not play tug-o-war with her with a random string she finds on the floor!

  • i received  2 tickets for the upcoming “wait wait don’t tell me” taping in the virgina beach area! yes! two tickets with “BACKSTAGE PASSES”!!!! I AM SOOO EXCITED! i’ve got 2 tickets and entree into the pre-show backstage for early june! the begging may begin now!
  • when it stops raining, people shoot each other. can’t you just pop open a beer and watch dancing with the stars or walk your dog? i haven’t ever shot anyone. at times, oh so briefly, i may GET the impulse – clarification – i understand the impulse, but cmon?
  • no matter what i try to do i will always be super anxious and i haven’t found much to soothe that is compatible with work or being in public. busting out some yoga, calling a therapist, writing furiously in a journal/blog/email doen’t work when you are at work!
  • a friend is setting me up on a blind date – it is destined to fail,,, as mentioned I GET TOO NERVOUS IN THOSE SITUATIONS! i prefer the more organic meeting at a bar, or over coffee, whatev. sometimes, too, friends try to fix you up with someone and you think WTF? is THIS how THEY see me??!! seems like the guys are either WAAAAYYYYYYY above ot below me , “category” wise and there is no spark. i really need that intelligent, we-both-work-on-the-west-wing babble. AND the “za-za-zu”
  • i sill haven’t done anthing about that derby party. maybe thats the weeked i should start some travel… i really want to visit several people – but i can’t get one driving day to less then 8ish hours a day…. where is my super jet pack!!
  • i don’t wanna get out of bed this morning. i just want to sleep. and maybe have the cabana boy bring me snacks as needed. i don’t have to be anywhere till noon, soooo…..zzzzzzzzzzz





  1. Go go Maggie!

  2. Cabana boy

    So…. about those tickets… 😉

  3. sambycat

    cabana boys are considered staff and, as is the norm for all my outings, my entourage is comped.. so yer in! 😉

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