long time girl crush


angela posted this link that reminds me of my girl crush on angela davis. i minored in womens studies and did a lot of my course work at SF state. one of my professors was a brilliant women named chinasole. i was sitting in her class one afternoon when i realized that i had heard her speak on an interview show on an old SF radio favorite, pacifica radio. she’s brilliant.

i just wanted to note that i just had such on crush on ms. davis. i went to an anti-death penalty/mumia abu jamal rally in downtown SF (YES i am a liberal people! shocker!) and i am listening to speakers when i look over my left shoulder, and there, glowing and tall and beautiful with the most gorgeous shortish, brownish-blondish dread locked hair and red lipstick and gorgeous skin, was angela davis. THE angela davis.

she was with two other women. like a dope (we have already long ago established that i am a total dork), i say to her companion “would it be ok if i said hello to ms. davis?”. the friend just looked at me and said “i don’t know, why don’t you ask HER.” i said something really utterly goofballish – “hi ms. davis! i find your writing very inspiring.” ug. she was gracious. but how retarded.


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