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i just got home. i have to say, no matter how cranky working can make me and how sucky having to get up and go to a certain place at a certain time and all that can be, i LOVE my profession. i LOVE that i can do what i do and i think i am pretty good at it. every day i take care of people, comfort them, oh yeah, and keep about, oh, 12 people from killing them. one of them is kind of me. not me, but the person at the head of the table, as in every time i do what i do, that chance is there. i love it even when i hate it.

and i have a new perfect love! let me define perfect – it is unrequited and completely only in my mind. heh. of course i mean my masseur (is that right?) my massager of my muscles. the kneader of my knots. the rubber of my rhomboids (heh – i said rubber). ahhhhhh, yes, we have fp’s (future plans) for early next week. that is, i shall return to him, abstain from direct eye contact, disrobe and experience bliss. in no way shape or form do i want to know anything remotely about him. i really don’t want conversation or anything personal. the zipless massage.

this week is nearly done – the vacation! still may be driving next week. thanks to my new love, my neck MAY may may be on the mend….

maggie was quite something this morning. a royal pain. i am trying to reinforce my resolve and not give in on training and restrictions. she was not having going into her room this morning. it was a royal pain in the arse.

so, gotta finish this episode of top chef. then bed time..

and thanks to KJ for the postcard from bar-thelona! you rock!


UPDATE: i feel so effin’ fantastic this morning i can’t tell you. my shoulder is (momentarily – don’t jinx it!) not shrieking in pain, my neck, my arms my wrists- not the first thing that pops into my mind as my eyes open. maggie – being pleasant! eating breakfast! weather – warm! oooh- hit “goal weight” this morning. wow. i have new “skinny” jeans. off for two weeks (still no cheap tickets to disneyland sited.. 😦  ) probably 4 blogposts burbling within me now as i get ready to go to work for ONLY (hooray!) 8 hours. meeting some folks after work. got some sleep (even though i had a weird dream about being in the OR, airdrie and my dog). feeling validated and seeing – if only momentarily! – how things and people are. ok – time to make a new “shower mix” and get this party started!


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  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! It is truly amazing how much good massage can do.

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