dragon patch or how squirrels fly

i have a lot in common with my mom. she died of lung cancer back in december 2000. i miss her so much and so often i still just think of calling her and catching up…


one of the things we have in common is the propensity to talk in our sleep. if anyone reading this has EVER talked to me late at night they know this! the title of this post refers to two incidents:

  • “dragon patch” – this became code with a friend of mine, after talking late into the night, i was sort of having this dream about a denim jacket and sewing this appliqué onto it of a dragon. where do these things come from? what do they mean? i have ABSOLUTELY no idea! anywho, i am, as usual, denying that i am falling asleep, and apparently uttered the words “dragon patch”. of course, once you say something out loud, you are somewhat jarred into reality by the questioning from the other person and the key is denial denial denial. i mean, of course you can explain a nonsensical expression such as “dragon patch” easily and rationally. of course.
  • my mom’s story is a family legend. my folks were sleeping, when my dad was awakened by a disturbance in the bed. my mom was apparently moving her arms, kind of like in a flapping motion. my step dad questioned her – “are you ok?”. “i’m dreaming i’m a flying squirrel”. further questioning revealed that the arm movements were the flapping motions that clearly flying squirrels make. like a chicken.

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