i am having the perfect relationship

with “magic fingers” henceforth known as MF. try not to read too much into the initials… heh. let’s see:

  • when I want him, he’s there
  • i know what too expect
  • i know FAR advance the cost of our relationship (highly important!)
  • no awkward small talk. ok – that’s not really true because i usually say something goofy pre and post disrobing
  • i feel GOOD after
  • no hang ups, drive bys or confusing exchanges
  • he’s always happy to see me
  • we always have fp’s! (future plans)
  • i think i already mentioned the back, waist, hip rubbing thing
  • no arguing over musical taste

oh. i can’t come up with anything else… 🙂 had sushi for dinner and a great cocktail! now i am watching star wars: episode IV…

currently, luke looks plainteively at the double setting suns of tatooine whilst the music swells! GOD i love this movie!!!



  1. I’m trying really hard not to read too much into the initials…

    and contemplating adding you to my feed as the representative of America (I mainly seem to pick up natives of my shores, Canucks, and Minnesotans (are they Yanks or not, I think it blurs the boundaries….)….

    Anyway – get back if you’re happy to blog for America!

  2. sambycat

    heh – if i am your american representative, that may just eff up the whole canada/american relation thing…. do NOT tell that sarah palin!!!!! 😉

  3. Sadly my BlogRoll is temporarily Borked… MF may be your friends , but Main Frame has to be pending for the moment!

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