name the movie

“this is glue. STRONG stuff”


bonus points if you know who said it. no one will ever get this. but its been in my head all morning.



  1. Speedydisney

    I won’t say so others can guess but the character’s initials are EB.

  2. I’ll confess, I googled it! So I don’t win any prizes . . . but I *can* tell you I just watched that movie again over the weekend, and the soundtrack is currently sitting on my desk.

    I let The Wachamacallit watch it with me, and he loved loved it! Especially the last 10-15 minutes, and the Spielberg cameo.

  3. sambycat

    Well done, speedy! Jennifer, you are a cheater!! But correct! And bonus points for just have watched it! The soundtrack is really good – “old landmark” with chaka Khan in the background? Wow. I’m impressed! The most I thought i’d hear was a “muppets”.

  4. hmmm…

    How much Street Cred do I lose?

    Even though Princess Leia, some Jawas and future Ewoks are in the film. I have never seen it.

  5. jejeje! I know this one but I’m too late for that 😉

  6. Bob Papis

    Um, Elwood Blues… The Blues Brothers for $400.00 Alex.

    Did you catch the “This American Life” broadcast tour here in Norfolk last Thursday?

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