i hope…

this is the closest i ever have to “drunk blogging!”  (side note: supposedly, i thought i heard that quotations come at the end of a sentence and enclose the punctuation, despite whatever the punctuation is, but it looks SO WRONG at the end of a sentence).

i had an impromptu party! thanks to dr. dana of course who just said, well, we are all coming over! and then they did! so now, after a tray of delicious horseradishey roast beef appetizers, baked brie, cheese, salami, 2 bottles of wine and at least as much vodka (i had help people), i am crashing to bed, after the last carousers just left. that was actually a lot of fun. and i bet way better, in the end, then pre-planning for 3 months!

still however trying to figure out what the HELL happened to my derby pick, eight belles, a beautiful filly-first in the derby since 1999, who literally crashed and burned immediately after placing second in the derby. that may sound jokey or something but it isn’t. two compound fractures AFTER finishing second to the front legs. she was euthanized on the track. bless that animals heart. she was a beautiful black filly and those animal literally run their guts out. i am not sure i really am “pro” any animal racing, per se, but having lived in louisville, i am just very aware of the sport and the excitement that the derby brings. after all the barbaro sadness, i suppose it is easier on the poor poor animal…. but damn.



UPDATE: i mean fuck. sorry, but i have been googling  this story all night because at least thank GOD they didn’t run video footage all after the derby run. but how gross and sad. and heartbreaking. i’m glad i wasn’t there. i hate that i even watched the race.


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