bad poetry

i got more sleep last night than the night before, but i also tossed and turned and came up with some varied poetry which i will share with you now…


cover yourself in

ben gay patches and you will

sweat  a lot at night


i dreamt about your

goodbye up against the wall –

sweet sorrow indeed


the air conditioner makes this


rattly noise.

i cannot sleep.

i toss around on these

wilted sheets


yesterdays daisies on the mantle.


sometimes, one needs a

sign-could be from heaven. more

 likely, it isn’t


last i knew,

we all spoke the same



so why do my requests

fall upon deaf ears

and illicit pinched up sneers?


i am human.

and glad to be

wish to be

so why do i struggle with the very definition of who i am? my humanness?

my ability to make mistakes?

my ability to love or hate? to understand or be mystified?

somewhere there has got to be another member of my species

that can see through my glasses.



its stupid to want some little trinket back.

either it was tossed, carelessly or purposefully , like the rest of me


clutched close, yet hidden

and will remain so. forever.

 like the rest of me

why would you give your trust like a penny?




thankfully, i bored myself to sleep. but DAMN! oh, and before anyone asks, i have just been having really crazy dreams lately! some are memories, some just crazy or nonsensical – when i remember them.



  1. I really like the middle one.

  2. sambycat

    what do you have against ben gay?

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