the vacation nears the end. and end with a bang i say! i’ve got a date, with mr. magic fingers himself (and by date i mean i am getting a massage), AND a mani/pedi. it’s supposed to be rainy. i hope so. a nice, stormy thunder crackly day. got some loose ends to tie up, errands to run. but basically, all day tomorrow, i am going to see the glass half full and drink in life. and feel beautiful. and beam beauty onto others. and walk, step by step, in my minds eye, down those ten marble steps – cool and glasslike under my feet – descending into a beautiful room, plain and white, sun and warm wind streaming through the wide open window with curtains billowing with each swoosh of air….. overlooking babylon by the bay, blue ocean, wisps of fog tumbling over the hills… smell of clean linen… and the peonies i bought myself today.

ladybugs, katherine, ladybugs!!!!!!

1 Comment

  1. Chica

    Wow! I absolutely LOVE this friday rambling! How peaceful and tranquil it is! …..Yes! Ladybugs!

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