back in the saddle again

blogging from the OR. not really – but i am at work…. only 5 more hours!! woo hoooo! i dare say my extended vacation did me well. i feared i had forgotten entirely how to deliver anesthesia, but, alas, that is not true. and, for the first time since i think i have EVER vacationed, i have not even YET thought about poking someone in the eye. sharply. huzzah!

however, on the downside, i ate pot roast for lunch and just had some mashed potatoes. this i will regret later. but i have been in an excellent room today, with most excellent tunes. although so completely freezing i have been swathed with a warm blanket all day.

getting all kinds of messages from friends today. all kinds of news. you know people, life ain’t ever what it seems from the outside looking in. 

oh and i had another crazy sex dream last night. although without any sex in it. go fig. i informed said dreamee of dream and the fact that my whole dream involved a date where the chosen activity was to sleep – yes sleep – on this scratchy wool rug i have in the tv room – nekkid. but again, no sex or anything. and all i could think was there is a cute guy nekkid and my rug smells like dog pee. ick. he laughed. and said he has bathed recently in febreeze so he was cool. from now on, all sex dreams are too have sex in them.

anyways, i needed something to do for a moment to distract me from the rest of my evening. now back to work.



  1. A sex dream with no sex?! What a disappointment.

  2. sambycat

    yes i am sadly aware that that is somewhat pathetic. however, i did have that man/woman vibration thingy going on. until the dog pee smell. i think the peonies on my bedside table are dead. or else my dog peed and i didn’t notice. oh god, i hope not.

  3. Chica

    I don’t think we can call it a sex dream since there was no sex. AND~I think you should have that rug cleaned though because maybe it really does stink and your subconscious is speaking to you by way of nekked men!! Don’t ever let Fabio lie nekked on your wooly rug or we may never speak again! ew….

  4. sambycat

    really now. i feel a sex dream is in the minds eye of the beholder, right? and i did clean that rug, shica! only problem it is wool and it will have that permanent wet dog (with or with out pee wetness) smell no matter what!!! now, about fabio laying on my rug???? wha?? i was imagining someone more…oh, so much more. but with out the birds smacking into his face on roller coasters. now ask me about my dream last night – scary gary was in it and i tried to do my own eye surgery. THAT was a good one

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