to the non believers

there has been disbelief in the idea of the non-s-e-x having you know what dream (i have been blogging long enough to know that if i say that too much, my stats will go through the roof for all the wrong reasons). witness: when harry met sally. yes. i AM the dog –


i cannot give into gratuitous off topic WHMS postings – but this always makes me cry. best. ending. ever.



  1. Jeff W.

    How, how, how do you find the time to keep up with two blogs? I tried for awhile but I just had to give up on the AATC blog.

  2. sambycat

    it works well for my many personalities! actually, the disney thing just seemed like it needed its own…. space….so i try not to freak out my diz pals directly! 😉

  3. Chica

    At least your sex-less sex dream has more detail than Sally’s! She should add in a smelly wool rug just to shake it up a bit. Or she can use the rug as one of her outfits! AH!

  4. Fernando

    Saludos my darling, I must say something from the bottom of my heart, which is deep inside my body. I totally get the multiple personality thing. Although I must tell you that sometimes when my inner monologue starts talking to me as “Guy Noir” I get a bit frightened.
    I kid you, because like me, you are a kidder too. Actually its quite fun. Try it some time, it’s like living in your own detective story only without Humphrey Bogart. Which is a shame because he was quite mahvelous.
    And speaking of mahvelous I subcribed to the new podcast last night. That pal Mickey, you CATS crack me up.

    Well, Nando needs to Mambo off to the Hideaway now.


    Jeff W.

  5. sambycat

    thank you, dahling – and did i say? you look mahvelous! because, you know, it is better to look good than feel good, no? and you, you look mahvelous!

    i’m still trying to come to grips with “no capes, darling”

  6. Jeff W. AKA Fernando, Donald13.1 ect ect... it gets confusing.

    Posted a shout out over on tundra last night for you Darn Cats .

    And just for you and Jennifer dahling, I feel that I can persuade Edna into making an exception. Wear your cape with pride.

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