san fran 1978

i am having a moment right now. to my left is the june vanity fair that i’ve been leafing through for a while. in the tv – dear god i am now outing myself in THE MOST PERVERSE WAY – IS (gasp) “the view”. that’s right! it’s out there! merely one of my “i’d die if anyone knew this” dirty secrets is that i TIVO “the view” mostly to watch them argue and amaze at how naive and sure of herself that elizabeth is and how i’m dead sure whoopi and joy have got born again sheri to be voting for barack!!

 but i digress, they are talking about senator kennedy’s recent health problems (i believe he had a seizure and is in the hospital – i should know more, monday is usually the “i get all my news off the msn home page” day, and i haven’t clicked anything yet), and the cover VF article is about RFK and “the last good campaign” – a new book by thurston clarke.

so my mind goes from my own hopeful, liberal sensibilities to a nostalgia “where were you when?” sort of JFK/RFK thing… i was in existence when RFK was assassinated in 1968 (dear god i hope my fact checker gets any weirdness i type here), but not of a cognizant sort.

when i hear people talking about that kind of “where were you when…?” type conversations, i don’t immediately go to the space shuttle – which i think folks like 5-10 years younger than me would say, i go to my life inn san francisco and the assassination of mayor george moscone. it is the announcement by the supervisor dianne feinstein, that is one of those things in the world that will make me burst into tears like if i even hear it coming onto tv for some reason. i tried to google up the video, but i can’t seem to find a short, specific enough cut.

all i know is that, more than when reagan was shot (in social studies/current affairs in HS) or the shuttle crashed (i was driving to tiburon to the (then) crocker bank a worked at -(remember “crocker spaniels”?), i was what – 12? watching tv at my folks house in late november – so it was dark out. on channel 2 (ktvu? – is that the station?) news was ms. feinstein’s voice. the pauses, the pace, the way she was (barely) but indeed able to tell we san fransiscans directly and briefly what happened, with authority and emotion both, made me cry as a 12 year old. i mean i knew the name mayor moscone. i doubt i never retained milk’s name before that. i had heard of ms. feinstein (she was the first election that i voted in and she lost for governor of california (cried))….


i don’t know where i am going with this, but it was kind of random, and one of those touch points of my life. in a way – and i know it may be somewhat trite – i watch the west wing and imagine that people do care. i mean, i know they do and i know there ARE great people in politics, no matter what side of the aisle they are on, but, people i am a liberal through and through.


bartlett for america 08


and i am too tired to link… sigh. now i’m bummed. i do NOT pretend for my blog to be more than my thoughts or ramblings, so i often do not give subjects their full do. but, when i think of that night, in my cuddly warm, upper middle class living room, on the hideous orange and red latch hooked rug i helped my mom make, the dark marin county night (probably fog too) enveloping our house on a hill, i think of the shock and the horror of the event. and then i also think that neither of those parents of mine are still alive.


the world is a funny place y’all. people say it to you in actual articulate and intelligent ways. i just get choked up imagining that press conference out side of city hall. and how beautiful the light is in san francisco in the fall.

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  1. Bartlett for America, indeed.

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