ahhhhhhhh.. the joy that is dan savage

do you listen? i love his podcast. this weeks is really good. his advice and rants – SPOT ON! what i love about dan, is his – what do they say on this episode – hyperbole (“moiiii?????????”)? i love his first rant – HETEROS STAND UP!

the first call. ug. i will refer below to the “carrie cuts to the chase” and the middle janeane garafolo cut…. but, lets say, i identify GREATLY with the first caller in certain ways. no aspersions to and previous luvahs or anything, but, wow.

i also have the serious crush on him.but he would be to good for me! haha. joke on his first call if you listened… heh. and of course, let’s all join hands under the rainbow windsock. and today – i am going to aim high!!! woo wooo!

i need to call my masseuse. masseur. whatevah. go listen. AND TAKE HIS ADVICE!!!! all of you! and me… awww, dan’s middle name is keenan! he is so cute!




OK. i am listening to the – maybe ? – last call. wow. he just goes everywhere on this show, and when his advice is on, its so on. it can apply to many situations. i know i am not writing the exact things i am refering to, but go listen. oh, if you aren’t for some reason familiar with dan, it is NSFW, very frank, sexual advice and there is a lot of cursing. wacka wacka!


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