someone is flinging change onto my patio




so i have, like, made about 87 cents off my patio in the last week. let me clarify, because that actually sounds weird. like every morning, on my patio, there is money. a penny. a quarter. dimes. i think someone is flinging it there. i do not know why. i was tossing it into my goofy little solar powered gurgling fish water fountain thingy, but now that the total is nearing a buck, i think it should go in my change bowl. although i am making wishes (“wishes!”) when i toss it in.




now that i am typing this, i am realizing that, along with the cigarette butt that is lodged next to my planter thingy, probably the maintenance people are power washing the general terrace area onto all our patios and the change is coming with the rest of the dirt. i was more amused by the thought of someone flinging change. oh well.


that fish fountain is completely insane looking.


1 Comment

  1. Carolyn

    Even better than the change coming from nowhere, you have a Mickey floating in your fountain!

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