• i have not been to any movies in the last couple weeks. i was wanting to see “indy”, i’m sure i will, but my enthusiasm for it has given way to abject trepidation
  • “wait! wait” comes to virginia beach this week! did i mention i have tickets??!?
  • i saw THE scarygary at the hospital yesterday. i think. he is supposed to be gone now! moved away. done. going to elsewhere. maybe that was his last day – rats! who will i embarrass myself in front of now?
  • i made cous cous. and i have eaten almost all of the double batch in like 3 days.
  • looks like it will be beautiful today – wine tasting with in walking distance of my home today!
  • i am missing my massage man – i think i need another appointment
  • my arms/neck/wrists are feeling really good
  • i think walgreens has made good on the error they made on a recent prescription of mine. they are so annoying and i usually always use walgreens. i think i will bre moving all my scrips elsewhere. but i need that 24 hour drive thru.
  • i feel puffy this morning. too much cous cous probably
  • i am going to disneyworld in less than a month on a last minute surprise trip. time to start planning the outfits!

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