the countdown begins…

people always ask me if i’m from california, why on earth would i move away??!! my main 2 factors are: 1) cost of living and 2) job opportunities. but at his time of the year i am reminded that there are two other reasons that i do like the midwest and am loving virginia (mostly).

lightening bugs. thunder storms.

neither in abundance in the golden state.

and now we have had a solid week of warm days, warm nights and increasing humidity. i don’t know how the lightening bug works the whole life cycle thing, but i know now is when they will begin to emerge at dusk. i love them so much! they are something that takes me back to childhood memories and happy times (as do the thunder storms). fortunately, to my knowledge, my brother was not a lightening bug killer and neither was i, although our attempts at lightening bug lanterns probably left a lot to be desired in the compassionate caring of creaturtes arena.


there is a story i tell my friends, and it is possible i have blogged it here (but i’m tooooo lazy to go lookin’ now!), but i had an experience with a lightening bug, after my mother’s death, that made me feel like she was the little lightening bug come to light my heart that was missing her so badly. it was a wonderful little happening. the picture above is a post card i sent to my mom before she passed from a john singer sargent show i went to with my step-mom in boston (HIS WORK IS GLORIOUS! THIS PIECE IS LITERALLY FLOOR TO CEILING!!), she saved the card and i have it framed at my house, but anyway…

to me i see two girls at the turn of the century, maybe just a little further in june, lighting lanterns for a party and the fireflies come out to join them.


and then it thunderstorms. no not really, i just remembered i mentioned t-storms at the beginning of my post…


also i would like to share that i am feeling very anxious as when me and mags were out taking our evening walk and beginning the lightening bug search, i noticed one of the female ducks (is that a redundant phrase? as apposed to just “drake” for male ducks?) well she was one block over and one block across from their pond hang out. i worry about her road crossing capabilities.  please get home safewy, willte duckwing!


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  1. We had a lot of international staff at the camp I used to work at (northern Wis.) and I remember the look on one counselor’s face the first time she saw them. She was from Russia and was terrified by these glowing things in the sky that were floating around. When we explained what they were, caught a few for her to look at, she exclaimed “Their butts! They light up!” A few minutes later she was asking other international staff if they knew what “lightning bugs” were, and the idiom was confusing for the non-native speakers, so she started calling them “the bugs with the glowing asses.” We had to put a stop to that before the campers started arriving, but those of us from the states enjoyed it while it lasted.

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