wait! i almost forgot!

it has been and will continue to be a very busy of couple weeks, but i can’t totally let the complete and total highlight of recent times pass by without displaying the photo documentation! i was at the taping of this weeks wait! wait! don’t tell me! here in virginia beach. i am a long time public radio supporter , but the chance of tickets to see the taping of wait! wait! AND attend a dessert party after with the cast and crew? i say welcome to the leadership circle, baby!

sandler so this is the sandler center, which is walking distance to my home. i hadn’t been to any events here yet – it just opened last december – its a beautiful facility and a nice size. the show opens with the twirling disco ball and associated music. carl, peter and the panel are introduced – on the panel were roxanne roberts, pj o’rourke and tom bodette…



petercarl the show runs on the radio just under an hour. the taping was closer to an hour and a half. there is a bit of a monologue type intro that peter sagal did, intro the panel, then begin taping. you can sort of see that behind the panel below are the techies (producers and what not) giving cues, directing the show. the music intros etc that cue in and cue out the show are audible in the audience. that part was interesting to me as me and my bff are now producing a podcast and learning all about editing and recording and the like..



after the taping completes, they actually do some live edits – rerecord things that didn’t work or were muffed during taping. i won’t reveal were, but roxanne was thrown a curve ball in the show and the answer you all hear isn’t how it went down the first time….. also, saying “bo diddley” really fast is hard to do! there was also a Q&A after.

Q Acarl

then i went to the reception. but of course, i didn’t want to actually go up to people and say hello…



and, what about bob? well, i ran into him after the show and he went to the reception after too. he made pj orourke speak to me. and got to say hi to peter sagal


carlK this is carl – with 2 of the behind the scenes whrv folks..

and roxanne surrounded by her admirers….roxanne

all in all, a lot of fun! the episode is the one out last saturday – see if you can hear me yelling “wooo hoooo” form the audience!



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  1. Andrea

    Someone went into a bit more detail about the same Wait Wait episode for that grotesquerie Michelle Malkin:

    I just listened to the show this morning. Pretty good edit job, but I’m sorry to hear they do that sort of thing. (And yet they left in Tom Bodett’s “hittable astronaut” line — lower tier of offensive, I guess).

  2. sambycat

    yeah, i know what you are saying. it was a little odd. what came out of her mouth seemed like she was searching for something weirdly stereotypical and thus i wasn’t that weirded out, but when they retaped, it seemed they were feeding her options, and the one she even tried to say was worse! and she said so! thus the “i have no idea” that made the show..


  1. if it werent for jennifer i would not have won carl kassels voice on my home answering machine! « my life on the WDW d-list

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