i barely just woke up

well, miss mags was supposed to be at the beauty shop but i overslept. i went down like a rock. given that there was an unknown length of time in which i was shushing said magnet girl from the thunder boomers rolling through, i’m not surprised.

no work today at all!!!!! i had a lucrative and fun very busy day at the medspa yesterday. no clients today so my actual day off will be just that. i need to do so much around the house and to get ready for a little trip i am going to do this weekend, but momma is cash poor. and – drat the timing – payday is AFTER i get back… i have gotten a bit done around the house, more on the phone calls and appt making tip then anything else. so i can get a bit more of that done, maybe fold some laundry too?

my weird chronic pain issues continue to morph. i am resigned to some amount of wrist discomfort bilaterally, but it really is mostly better since last summer’s computer extravaganza. but i continue to have all kinds of issues on my right side. thumb pain, tendon pain at the elbow, tricep/bicep kills and into the neck. i am certain it is all musculo-skelatal and over use related. damn that blackberry! i continue the anti-inflammatories and i am personally keeping ben gay patches in business. but it hurts and i am always twitching around to find a comfortable spot to support my arm. i would go to the doctor, i threaten donna that i will everyday, but really i think they are going to think i am crazy or seeking pain killers. i can;t stand the idea of repeating the whole hand fiasco in which i went to 2 offices over about 3 months before any help (rx or otherwise) was even offered. i know diagnoses could take time, but i just cant face that gauntlet. and so i will whine instead. enjoy!

on a couple of other notes, i have been continuing to do my running training. yesterday involved 2 eight minute run periods with a 5(i think) minute walk. i could do it which surprised me, but it isn’t fun. it isn’t easy. it’s not that i get winded or hurt at all – haven’t had too many side stitches this time around – it just feels very tiring, without being all panting or gasping. i haven’t ever really broken through that feeling of “how much longer till i stop?” with any running training i’ve done. now of course, i am off work today and contemplating doing my next run today instead of waiting till thursday, my next off day. it would be to run 20 minutes continuously. i think i will not do it (i am supposed to rest) and do some yoga at home, maybe some other weights etc.. i really feel like i am getting in the best shape of my life and want the muscles to show it off!!!!

in the odds and ends round up, i have a new crush (unrequited it may be, but still), which is exciting and big plans for the weekend (those two items don’t have anything to do with each other). podcasting is coming along although i fear i have really screwed up the whole email thing and will just write that off as a 20$ loss.

apparently i had a lot to say!



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