thurs. night

yesterday felt like friday and its a bummer that it wasn’t. i have another long day tomorrow – but then more time off. and i am getting out of town! yipee!!

this week has been kind of a mixed bag. great weather, great week at the medspa. and at the hospital, although yesterday, well it kicked  my ass by the end of the day. i went out tuesday – not FAR out – i mean, there was a wine tasting at the apartment complex. it was fun! talked to people, and boys (i may have already mentioned this… 😉 ). it was fun, the wines were so so, but there were some i would term drinkable and definitely in the affordable column. um, it may have been a little overly fun, as, in the words of janeane garafolo, i was a little tipsy “..and weirdly optimistic” – thus resulting in some random “wish i hadn’t of done that” texting and woot-ing over the airwaves. ah well..

its early yet, but its been a long day and i just feel like going to sleep. i got my hair done, went to a doctors appointment. my neck and arm are the curent source of a lot of pain and discomfort. i have to make an appointment for an mri. bleah.

most importanly, however, i did my run today! i ran for 20 minutes straight. not a big deal to a lot of you out there, but to me, well, i was very proud!

mmmmm, i thought i could put something coherent together here, but i guess not.


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