must be a sun hang over

oooh my. i am blah. BLAH. BLAH BLAH!!!!

yesterday was a lovely day poolside. soaking up the sun, and no sun burns! woo hoo! this morning was another day of the freaky smoke! yech! its hot, but it just hasn’t cleared up and it is blah.

i did meet to gal pals for a nice lunch involving cheese and guacamole! mmmm. as per usual, i have like 18 things i planned to do today and i am not achieving these goals. i took a little nap and am sort of reviving, think i will take the mag pie out, but can’t help but feel a little down about not getting stuff done, not running, eating too much, being disorganized…

probably the fact that i spoke with my cousin this morning, her dad passed away last week after a long illness, and i talked with my grandparents. i love them so much (we went to macinac island together a year ago spring) and i just don’t see them much and they are just getting older and it just is sad sometimes.

i miss my mom today. my dog bites me on the nose. would like a partner, not at all interested in dating. supposed to be working on my chakras. laundry is quite the pile in the hall. i should be finishing some podcasting stuff right this moment. the sky is smokey hazy. i wish i could visit holly and pen. donna lives too far away. i think i forgot to have a baby. my hair looks completely weird.


thats about it.


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