soooo… i really SHOULD be doing like 5000 different things. i’m (relatively) young and single and it is saturday night! but, it’s also raining now, and i slept very little last night and just went out to  panera and brought home two – YES TWO! – delicious salads to eat with a glass (maybe two) of prosecco! yum!

i ran around the mall today in addition to a couple of errands i ran. there is a new sephora at the mall!!! ok, if you don’t know – and i don’t feel like linking tonight – you are not a woman or in a relationship with a woman – because sephora is just like a big make up store with high end beauty products etc… there is one in the state of virginia, and that is like alexandria. so now there are two!






i also am excited to say that i (impulsively) purchased the nike+ wristbrand running system thingy. i haven’t tried it out yet, but i need to log my runs and time and distance and have been looking for something like this to buy. the gps watches seem to be more expensive, and i like the running shoes i am using and the nike/ipod system – though it has cool musical ipod control features – isn’t compatible with the ipod i have right now (i ❤ you, ipod mini!!). so this band does althe logging and with the nike website, it seems like it will be just what i am looking for!

finally, on my drive to panera, i was listening to XM rdioand heard this (the general idea) on a gayleking show interview with the singer, seal:

he was talking about his wife, supermodel and project runway girl, heidi klum (yeah, whatever) – he was saying that its not the finding of “the one” that is the hard part (and i believe there is more than “one”), it’s TAKING THE RISK…. i so agree..


look to the stars…….




oh, and had some “kissing facts” on the home page last night. apparently, i should have married the 30th guy i kissed. going to go back and try and figure out exactly who that was… 😉


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  1. I sooo cannot go into Sephora….

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