sleeps with dogs

 yes, i KNOW somewhere on the hat is should add : “…even though they try to eat my face off”, but what can i say, the full immersion in co-dependency with my demon dog continues…

call ended up being fine, though i didn’t get much sleep. not (fortunately) because i was at work all night, but because i was on call and i can never really relax. also, there were those fireworks. i must blank out every year on how dogs feel about fireworks, cause pretty much miss maggie barked her head off for about 3 hours straight. and the party outside my patio door really wasn’t TOO noisy in the scheme of life, but just enough activity to send maggie into a her usual frenzy. i worked about 5 hours during the day, then didn’t have to go back in. i will be curious to see how the weekend crew gets hit, because it was cookin’ yesterday at the little house and i can’t imagine people didn’t blow off their fingers or try to race the police last night too…

so i have planned to do some errands today (being post call, you never know if you are going to have slept or been up for 24 straight), maybe get a pedicure. would love to get in some pool time, but the forecast is rain and it is very overcast outside (though it is 8 gajillion degrees with equal humidity) and it smells like smoke. still.

i have some podcasting work to do this weekend, and i am enjoying it, although it is time consuming. i am liking even what little bit i have learned and am hoping that my audio output quality will continue (or begin?) to improve as i go along. i think it is great that me and my bff are sharing the post-production responsibilities anyway – AND that she can tolerate my computer unsavviness as i still don’t really understand the difference between a host and a server and i never did get those damn MX records changed anyway.

mild or minor annoyance? i was checking email this morning and my vaio slipped and went bonk – no more than 10 inches from the floor, not bashed, onto carpet. but it appears to have landed squarely on the power outlet cord, denting the plastic casing around the ac plug dealie. it is working fine. there is a crack and the angle of the power cord isn’t straight, but the battery IS charging and the connection seems to feel tight. i find it 100 percent annoying that a bare little slip can make that crack. i don’t know if that little piece is a little widget that could be fixed or a fatal flaw that, once it wiggles loose, my whole computer will be lost. hmmmmm….. this vaio is about 3 or 4 years old. i like it. i had been thinking that i might need to begin to emotionally prepare for a new computer in the next year just due to size and technology and all the podcasting stuff, maybe i would need something faster. i have never been one to add or have someone add new drives or what ever. i’ve had each of my 3 computers for about 5-6 years each, at which point windows had changed so much and the speeds increased, i just donated the old one (my old church, my poppa) and got a new one.  also the right mouse click button thing is getting loose. but i am sure buttons do not a whole new computer require….


anywho, better hop in the shower and get my errands done. feels like it is early, but its already after 10am!!!!


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