give it a whirl

i bought the nike+ system with an armband and i haven’t tried it out yet due to weather, work and general malaise. i will know take to the streets and see what happens….


UPDATE: wow! what an athlete! i ran for 20:53″ and went 0.01 miles and burned 0.1 calories! think i am going to have to try this puppy out again…



  1. I have it, and I LOVE it! I bought an old Nano on eBay, and then a new Nike+ armband and chip from amazon. It’s wonderful! Just wait until Lance Armstrong starts telling you what a great job you did 🙂

  2. sambycat

    i had been wanting that whole system, but it seemed like you had to buy a new ipod (i have a mini), new shoes and the chip. so this weekend i found the chip and an armband. i did buy the ipod sync deal but i realize after opening the armband that that came with the chip (i thought i was just buying an armband holder) and then a little velcro to hold the sensor. i have the nike community deal set, i thought i pressed the buttons right, it flashed, said “walk” and the time started moving, but i became suspicious when my run pace read 9:53 for the whole thing!

    i’ll try again friday – i must have pushed buttons in a weird order or something. or maybe my chip isn’t synced right – that sort of seems possible too now that i think of it – given that all it recorded was time….

  3. Professor Ludwig

    Not sure what your little Nike thing is telling you.

    Either you are a turtle or a gazelle?

    20.53/.01 = 2053 minutes for a pace of 34.216 hours.

    20.53/2.154 = 9:53

    Personally I doubt the turtle theory.

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