news from the OR

yes, it is live OR blogging again today – and NO – i am not ignoring my patient. in fact, i am here with a nurse anesthesia resident who is doing an EXCELLENT job and i am trying to not micro manage every darn thing the guy does and yet stay in the room. so i am sitting back behind the vent, off to the side where i am listening and peaking and trying not to keep yammering on about the “lisa farry method” of anesthesia or what not.

i hate when i just have these blogposts that are sort of a boring journal report. i did this. i did that. every blogger i have ever read talks about the struggle and desire to write something, but is it TMI or should you just post something because you haven’t in a couple days. i am more in the “i have been super busy” category, and, as i have mentioned, i have taken on podcasting as a hobby and it does suck up the time – but i am liking it. i am so busy lately – but i have another weird spurt of time off, although i am working at the medspa quite a bit. then no more vacation till the end of october. sigh.

and i have to get an MRI of my neck tomorrow morning. the continuing saga of the morphing neck/arm/shoulder/hand pain. actually, i am feeling more optimistic about that right now because, though it continues to bother me, i feel like it does seem to be more significant after several days of work for example and thus must be musculo-skeletal and not requiring surgery. at least thats how i see it. as i type this, i am realizing that the wild hair i have about moving my furniture is going to make my neck feel fantastic!

so, my student is going to go home now and i get to move back into the hot seat. only 8 more hours to go!

i like turtles!


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  1. Jeff W

    Of course if you’re a sea turtle and can catch the EAC that would move you along nicely.

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