it’s monday

monday monday

the clean up crew (me) has completed the many phases of clean up. there seems to be only one actual casualty after saturdays “festivities”. that would be my beloved and neurotically visited scale.

only sunday morning, when i noticed that the LCD viewing area was foggy and wet did it occur to me that running it under water to clean it (i will refrain from saying “rinse off the chunks”) maybe wasn’t good. i removed the batteries and pointed a fan at it all night, and it appeared better this morning. i stuck the batteries in, it did something, then nothing. i have changed the batteries and poked all the buttons in succession, but nothing now. hmmmm. how long can i not have my morning/night obsessive weigh ins and body fat/total body water obsessive comparisons? i don’t know. but, as i9 have mentioned before, someday i will blog more or more clearly about my eating/body image history, but, suffice to say, i want my scale back.

i was able to get an appointment in the office of a surgeon that i know from work (and have a crush on!) (not a real crush, sort of a “i love him” kind of crush). i go tomorrow at 1. probably, its nothing. i am still wavering between it must be really bad because i have been having so much pain and discomfort off and on for so long and it’s nothing because i am whiny and complain-y. i hope there is something to be done that isn’t surgery. like, i want to be validated that i am not “making it up”, but i don’t want anything to be actually wrong.

i got the nike+ thingy to upload. actually, i think i am going to like having something that can do the tedious logging of this running project i am on.

my neck and arm hurt. poo.

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