so i guessed wrong

well, turns out the MRI thingy was a done deal. at least as far as the diagnosis goes. i need surgery, sooner rather than later. crud!

i’m a medical person, but when a doc holds shows you an MRI and YOU can see whats wrong without them pointing at a little speck somewhere, lets just say that sucks. wah wah wahhhh.

my immediate concern is what this is going to do to the rest of my year and my running program. and rowing. and my cruise.

i REALLY wasn’t expecting the news i got. RATS!!! i am a bit discombobulated, but just from the suprise.

probably, when my arms started hurting almost a year ago, was when i injured my neck and that was really apparently the time for the conservative measures approach. my waxing and waning symptoms are somewhat textbook for the herniation and single level spinal cord compression i am apparently experiencing. all easily fixable and i am basically healthy.

i guess there is no good time for unplanned medical semi-emergencies.


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  1. talkingtoair

    “i guess there is no good time for unplanned medical semi-emergencies.”
    Well said. But still, it sucks. Do you have someone to look after you post-op? You’ll be sore and still I bet.

    Keep us posted. I’m happy you are getting good care.

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